BrightWork Reporter includes a number of features, easily accessible from the Reporter ribbon, all designed to enable the easy sharing of report data. The options available depend on the type of report being viewed.

Static Excel XML Dynamic Excel Email Print Print Preview Scheduled Email



List Item


  • Export Data to Static Excel
    Select this option to export the report to a formatted Microsoft Excel document*
  • Export Data to XML
    Select this option to export to XML*
  • Export Data to Dynamic Excel
    Select this option to create an IQY file for creating an Excel Web Query*
  • Email Data
    Select this option to begin the process of emailing a report
  • Print Data
    Select this option to print the contents of the report (available on all report types)
  • Print Preview
    Select this option to see what the report will look like prior to printing (available on all report types)
  • Create Scheduled Email
    Select this option to setup the report to email on a schedule

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