A BrightWork web part is a special type of web page that consolidates data, such as lists and charts, and web content, such as text and images, into a dynamic information portal built around a common task or special interest. You can add BrightWork web parts to a Web Part Page and then customize the individual Web Parts to create a unique page for your site users.

Web Parts enable you to add extra functionality to your BrightWork Projects. BrightWork comes with a number of Web Parts, all designed to make your sites more functional, for example, web parts can gather and display data from lists and elsewhere. All web parts can be modified in similar ways; however some web parts have specific modification options.

The ability to modify Personal and Shared Pages depends on the level of access you have been granted.

If you need to add a number of web part pages, you can use the Tabs from List web part for additional horizontal navigation.

To add a BrightWork web part:

  1. Click Page | Edit Page to open the page in edit mode.
  2. Click Add a Web Part in the web part zone you want to add the web part to.
  3. Select the web part(s) you want to add.
  4. Click Add.

Web parts that have been closed can be found in the Closed Web Parts folder when adding a web part.

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