Recalculating a metric does the following:

  • Recalculates the metric value (if the metric is a calculated one)
  • Checks to see if the metric target value has changed and (if so) updates the formatted warning and danger display values
  • Updates the associated metric indicator if any of the above changes requires it

There are five ways for you to recalculate metrics:

  • On a case by case basis - when you open a metric item for editing and save it, it automatically recalculates
  • Using the Project Ribbon and the Refresh Project Data option.
  • Using the Update Project Metrics list ribbon button to recalculate all the metrics in the list
    1. Click Items | Update Project Metrics.

    2. Click OK.

  • Using the Metric Recalculation Timer Job to recalculate metrics on a server-side timer job
  • Using the Metric Recalculation Timer Job to manually recalculate metrics

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