The metric tiles web part displays selected metrics in a horizontal grid.

It is a customizable and simple way to show metrics that you can place anywhere in your project. It's great for keeping key metrics like % Complete, Open Issues or Project Completion Dates where everyone can see them.

How to Configure the Metric Tiles

To configure the metric tiles:

  1. Click in the title of the metric tiles to expose the ribbon.
  2. Click the Metric Tiles tab and then click Configure Metric Tiles Settings.

Web Part Settings


Enter a title for the metric tiles.

Chrome Type

Select a chrome type for the metric tiles:

  • Default
  • Border Only
  • None
  • Title and Border
  • Title Only

Metric Tiles Appearance

The Metric Tiles Appearance section defines how the metric tiles look and feels.

Border Settings

  • Show Border: Toggle the tile border.
  • Border Color: Pick a color for the border.

Metric Title

  • Color: Pick a color for the metric title.
  • Style: Choose whether to have Regular or Bold formatting.

Metric Value Colors

Toggle between using the default colors or custom colors for Target, Warning, Danger or No Indicators.

Metrics to Display

Select metrics to display in a horizontal grid, ordered from left to right.

Metric ID

Select the metric you want to display from the drop-down list.

Override the Metric Title

Check the checkbox to override the metric title and add your own.


Enable to assign an action to be fired when the metric item is clicked.

  • Chart/Version History: Clicking the metric tile takes you to either a chart history page for a number metric, or a version history page for a date metric.
  • Custom: Clicking the metric takes you to this custom URL. Some of the custom link formats include the following:
    • - You can use a fully qualified domain name, example:
    • - You can use a '/' to add a server-relative link, example: /companynews.
    • - You can use a site relative link, example: project documents.
    • - Select the launch behaviour for the click action from the drop-down.

Note: If you use Create Project Site, relative URLs entered here will become relative to the new site.

Add additional items

Clicking Add additional items will add extra metric tiles up to a maximum of 8.

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