How can I create a portfolio?

The Portfolio Reporting section of your BrightWork site collection is where you can group project sites together under a single portfolio. It is a great way to selectively report over different projects.

To create a portfolio:

  1. Click Portfolio Reporting on the Top Link bar of your BrightWork home page.
  2. Click the settings icon in the top right of the screen and then click Create Portfolio.
  3. Give the portfolio a title and description. The URL will fill out automatically, but you can change it if you want.
  4. Set your permissions, navigation and navigation inheritance options as you see fit.
  5. Choose whether to create a blank portfolio, or copy from a pre-existing one.
  6. Once everything is as you want it, click Create.

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How can I add projects to a portfolio?

  1. In your Portfolio, click Add new item in the Portfolio Projects web part on the right hand side.
  2. Click the browse icon next to Find a site in this site collection if you want to search for the project yourself. Or, if you know the URL, you can specify it in the box underneath.
  3. You can give this project a new name in your portfolio and you can choose whether to include sub-sites as well.
  4. Once everything is filled out, click OK.

How can I see the health of my projects?

In your Portfolio Reporting area, the main page shows a hierarchy of all the projects in your portfolio. Click the title of your portfolio and you'll see that its projects are listed in the Project Summaries web part. Here you can see how all of your projects are doing.

If you click the Projects In Trouble link on the tab bar, you'll get an even better look at the projects that are having difficulties. You can then drill down into these projects and find out what is going wrong.

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How can I report over all of my projects?

Adding your projects to the Portfolio Reporting area is a great way to report over multiple projects. By nesting them under a single portfolio, you can quickly see how all of your projects are doing.

Using the Portfolio Reporting dashboard, you can look at resourcing, issues, risks and many other different types of reports.

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How can I export project reports?

  1. Click anywhere in the report to open the Reporter tab in the top left.
  2. Click the Reporter tab to open the Reporter ribbon.

In the Share section of the ribbon, you can email the report, print it, or export it to XML, Dynamic Excel, or Static Excel.

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