To manage Scheduled Report Emails you have three options:

  • Web part by web part
    Click View Scheduled Emails on the Reporter Ribbon to see the scheduled email items associated with this instance of the BrightWork Reporter web part.
  • All Scheduled Emails in that site
    Click Settings | Site contents | Scheduled Report Email to access the Scheduled Report Email list that contains all the scheduled emails that exist in that site.
    You can also use this page to edit an existing Scheduled Report Email - the available options are the same as on the New Scheduled Report Email page.
  • All Scheduled Emails across multiple sites
    You can also use the All Scheduled Emails Report to view all the Scheduled Report Emails that exist across multiple sites and perform item by item edits.

All options enable you to see at a glance what Scheduled Report Emails exist at the relevant location, which ones are active and other details about each Scheduled Report Email list item such as which emails failed to send and why they failed to send.

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