This topic describes some of the things the Project Manager needs to be aware of to use the Project Structured template successfully.

The Project Structured template was designed to take advantage of the Microsoft Project Professional 2013 to SharePoint sync capability. The template includes a custom Microsoft Project file and a custom Project Task list that facilitates the syncing of extra calculated data between Microsoft Project and SharePoint.

The Microsoft Project file is stored in the Site Assets library included with the template. This is the Project file that you should use to manage your project and it should always reside in the Site Assets library. This Microsoft Project file includes a macro that automatically ensures the Project Tasks list connects to the custom Microsoft Project file and takes care of the extra column mapping between SharePoint and Microsoft Project.

  • First, you need to decide how you will Populate Your Plan with the project schedule.
  • Once you have your initial project plan created, you need to Create a Project Baseline and sync. This will enable you to benchmark the plan against changes but also supplies BrightWork with essential data for reporting.
  • After that, once the project is underway, you will need to regularly Sync the plan.
  • The Project Structured template includes the ability to Create a Project Status Report.

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