A portfolio is a special type of site that allows you to specify the project sites you want BrightWork Reporter to query. Only the project sites that are added to a portfolio are included in the scope of a report (unless Report XML is the selected scope).

To add a Project Site to a Portfolio:

  1. Navigate to the Portfolio Reporting area and select the portfolio you want to add the project to.
  2. Click Add new item on the Portfolio Projects list web part to create a new Portfolio Projects list item.
  3. Fill out the Portfolio Projects New Item form. The fields on the form include:
  1. Site Address
    Select the site you want to add to the portfolio from the site picker or specify a site URL by typing or paste the full URL of the project site you want to add to the portfolio.

  2. Site Title
    The title will automatically be populated with the site title; however, if you wish to specify an alternative site title, select Specify a custom title to use for this site and enter an alterative title.
  3. Include in Portfolio
    Leave selected to include the project site in BrightWork Reporter queries.
  4. Include sub-sites
    Select to include the selected site's sub-sites in the portfolio.
  5. Notes
    Add any relevant comments regarding the project site.
  1. Click OK.

The Include sub-sites feature allows you to add a roll-up template (e.g. Project Office) to a portfolio and have all its sub-sites appear in the portfolio reports. Any sub-sites subsequently added will also appear.

You should also note that sites created with the Project Office templates are excluded from reports by default.

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