The Project Metrics list enables you to track and capture metrics relating to the project. Project metrics are important because they give you and the other project stakeholders an easy, objective and scientific way of measuring the progress of the project, and also the grounds with which to make important decisions as to the direction and scope of the project.

The data for the metric can be captured from a list (optionally filtered by selecting a specific list view or by adding your own CAML) or from a BrightWork Report. The metric list gathers the data and does any calculations required to establish the metric value.

The Metrics list also enables you to define Target, Warning and Danger ranges for the metric and to associate traffic light indicators with these ranges when the metric is compared to a fixed target value or to a value in another metric.

All Metric items include a read form that displays formatted information about the Metric. The Metric Version history and the Number Metric History Chart can also be accessed from here. Project Metrics can be joined to Project Statement reports on the same report line as the project.

The Metrics Scorecard web part can be used to display the history of multiple metric items from a Metric list. The metric history is displayed in selected intervals (the options include: Days, Weeks, Months, Quarters, and Years). The display can include a Trend icon that will notify you of any recent changes (good or bad) in each metric item.

The Metric Tiles web part allows you to show up to 8 metrics in a single web part. This lets you put key metrics where you need visibility the most.

There are also three Reports that report on just metrics; however, you must add these reports manually if you wish to use them as they are not in any of the templates by default.

The three reports are:

All Metrics This report displays all metrics from the BrightWork Project Metrics list.
Metrics Active This report displays active metrics from the BrightWork project Metrics list.
Metrics Active and Show Indicators This report displays active metrics that are also showing an indicator icon from the BrigtWork Project Metrics list.

There are four types of metric:

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