The Project Cache report data source, available in BrightWork Reporter and Project Metrics, ensures Project reports in Project Areas, sites created using the Project Office template, and Portfolio reporting sites load instantly. The Project Cache data source is primarily designed as an alternative to reports that use the All Project Summaries report definition.

Reports in the Project Areas and Project Office use the Project Cache by default. If this is not the default for your site, you can switch the reports to use the Project Cache by following the steps here.

All data changes in Project Statement lists, Project Metrics lists and Projects Tracker lists are written to a hidden list at the top of the BrightWork site collection. If you select Project Cache as a data source, BrightWork Reporter only has to query this list instead of all the relevant lists in all the sites in the hierarchy.

The Project Cache is maintained by a timer job that you can also run manually.

  • BrightWork Project Cache Refresh Timer Job (Daily)
    This timer job does a full rebuild of the Project Cache.

The out-of-the-box Project Cache reports on the Project Statement and Projects Tracker list columns and metrics available in the out-of-the-box templates. If you have added columns to a Project Statement or Projects Tracker list, or metric items to the Metrics list in your templates, you will have to manually add and map these columns to the Project Cache, to include them in reports that use the Project Cache as a data source.

Using Views in the Project Cache

Views are available as a filter option in BrightWork Reporter, the Gantt Chart web part, and Project Metrics. Views allow you to filter projects by All Projects, Open Projects and My Projects.

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