The Configure Content setting on the Create Project; Create Portfolio; and Create Template BrightWork copy site pages allows you to specify the lists and libraries whose content (i.e. list items and documents) you want to include or exclude. This means you can reuse a template or existing project and not have to worry about cleaning up after a previous project.

If any errors or warnings are generated during the copy process, these are written to the Site Provisioning Log.

Excluding content from the BrightWork Pages; Report - Issues Lists; Report - Tabs; or Report Work Lists is not recommended as these items are necessary for the correct functioning of the site.

You should also think twice about excluding content from other lists such as Project Risks, Project Goals and Project Teams & Roles as these sort of lists often contain default content fundamental to the project management process followed by your organization.

You cannot exclude the content from the Project Statement list as this list must contain one item.

You also cannot exclude the content from External Lists as the content in these lists does not actually reside in the source site.

The checkboxes for these items will be grayed out.

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