The BrightWork Reporter Library is where the custom Report Definitions (XML files) that you create yourself are stored for each site collection. It is also where you can edit these reports using the Report Editor.

  • The BrightWork Reporter Library is located at the top level of a Site Collection.
    To access it click Home > Site Contents > BrightWork Reporter Library
  • Uploading a file to this library makes it available for selection when BrightWork Library is selected on the BrightWork Reporter Settings page.
  • The BrightWork Reporter library makes creating a report very easy by facilitating the copying of existing reports or creation of a report from scratch using the Blank Report template.
  • The BrightWork Reporter library also includes a Report Editor that allows to rewrite the code in reports without having to touch a line of code.
  • If Content Approval is enabled in the BrightWork Reporter Library, only items that have been approved will appear in the Report menu in the web part tool pane.
  • The reporter Gallery folder is created out-of-the-box, and is used for all BrightWork template reports.

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