A number of reports supplied with BrightWork provide high-level information about projects. These reports can show information about one project or show information about a number of projects. The main report of this type is the Templates Projects - Project Summary report. This report is used in a number of places, including project home pages and the Project Status page.

The information displayed in All Projects Summaries report is taken from the Project Metrics list (via Project Metric Joins), the Projects Tracker list and the Project Statement in that order of supremacy.

For example, all three lists may contain the information that is used to feed the Actual Start date in the All Projects Summaries report. If the ActualStartDate metric exists (and is active) then the report will use this for the project in question.

If your Project uses the Metrics list, you should get into the habit of manually recalculating the Metrics list for accurate reporting. This will ensure that the data displayed in the Project Summary report is always up-to-date.

If you are adding metrics to a Project Office site, you should ensure that Exclude from Reports stays selected in the hidden Project Statement. You should also ensure that Include all sub-sites and Enable Site Filters remains unselected in the Project Office Summary report.

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