Some older reports may be deprecated between BrightWork versions. You are strongly encouraged to update to the latest version of a report. If there is no direct replacement, the table below indicates suitable replacement candidates.

Obsolete Report File Name Phase I Report Name Phase II Report Name Suggested Replacement
AllBugs-Issues.xml (Obsolete) Template Agile - All Bugs & Issues (Obsolete Report 28) All Issues
ClosedBugs-Issues.xml (Obsolete) Template Agile - Closed Bugs & Issues (Obsolete Report 29) Closed Issues
ExitCriteria.xml (Obsolete) Template Agile - Exit Criteria (Obsolete Report 30) Custom Report**
Iterations.xml (Obsolete) Template Agile - Iterations (Obsolete Report 31) Custom Report**
MyBugs-Issues.xml (Obsolete) Template Agile - My Bugs & Issues (Obsolete Report 32) My Issues
MyOverdueWork.xml ​(Obsolete) Template Agile - My Overdue Work ​(Obsolete Report 33) Overdue Work
MyWork.xml ​(Obsolete) Template Agile - My Work ​(Obsolete Report 34) My Work
MyWorkDueSoon.xml ​(Obsolete) Template Agile - My Work Due Soon ​(Obsolete Report 35) Work Due Soon
OpenBugs-Issues.xml ​(Obsolete) Template Agile - Open Bugs & Issues ​(Obsolete Report 36) Open Issues
OpenWork.xml ​(Obsolete) Template Agile - Open Work ​(Obsolete Report 37) Open Work
OverdueBugs-Issues.xml ​(Obsolete) Template Agile - Overdue Bugs & Issues ​(Obsolete Report 38) Issues
OverdueWork.xml (Obsolete) Template Agile - Overdue Work (Obsolete Report 39) Overdue Work
RedBugs-Issues.xml ​(Obsolete) Template Agile - Red Bugs & Issues ​(Obsolete Report 40) Issues
ResourcingExport.xml ​(Obsolete) Template Agile - Resourcing Export ​(Obsolete Report 41) All Work
Top5Bugs-Issues.xml (Obsolete) Template Agile - Top 5 Bugs & Issues (Obsolete Report 42) Issues
Top5Risks.xml (Obsolete) Template Agile - Top 5 Risks (Obsolete Report 43) Risks
Top5Tasks.xml (Obsolete) Template Agile - Top 5 Tasks (Obsolete Report 44) Tasks
UnassignedWork.xml (Obsolete) Template Agile - Unassigned Work (Obsolete Report 45) Unassigned Work
Work.xml (Obsolete) Template Agile - Work (Obsolete Report 46) Work
WorkDueSoon.xml (Obsolete) Template Agile - Work Due Soon (Obsolete Report 47) Work Due Soon
YellowBugs-Issues.xml (Obsolete) Template Agile - Yellow Bugs & Issues (Obsolete Report 48) Issues
WorkModifiedByMe.xml (Obsolete) Template Agile - Work Modified by Me (Obsolete Report 49) My Work
**Custom Report: We recommend that you create a copy of this report in the BrightWork Reporter Library or create a new report specifically to replace this.

Fully Obsolete Report's

Obsolete Report File Name Phase I Report Name Phase II Report Name Suggested Replacement
MyOpenWorkDueInSevenDays.xml (Obsolete) My Open Work Due Soon (Obsolete license 1) My Open Work Due Soon
MyOverDueWork.xml (Obsolete) My Overdue Work (Obsolete Report 2) My Overdue Work
MyProjectGantt.xml (Obsolete) My Project Details (Gantt) (Obsolete Report 3) All My Work
MyWork.xml (Obsolete) My Work (Obsolete Report 4) My Work
OpenWorkDueInSevenDays.xml (Obsolete) Open Work Due Soon (Obsolete Report 5) Open Work Due Soon
OpenWork.xml ​(Obsolete) Open Work ​(Obsolete Report 6) Open Work
OpenWorkUnassigned.xml ​(Obsolete) Open Work Unassigned ​(Obsolete Report 7) Open Work Unassigned
OverDueWork.xml ​(Obsolete) Overdue Work ​(Obsolete Report 8) Overdue Work
ProjectGanttItemsAssignedToMe.xml ​(Obsolete) Project Details Assigned To Me (Gantt) ​(Obsolete Report 9) Work Assigned To Me
ProjectGanttByDate.xml ​(Obsolete) Project Detail By Date (Gantt) ​(Obsolete Report 10) All Work
ProjectGantt.xml ​(Obsolete) Project Detail (Gantt) ​(Obsolete Report 11) All Work
ProjectGanttItemsOwnedByMe.xml ​(Obsolete) Project Details Owned By Me (Gantt) ​(Obsolete Report 12) Work Owned By Me
ProjectList.xml ​(Obsolete) Project List ​(Obsolete Report 13) All Project Summaries
ProjectScheduleInfo.xml (Obsolete) Project Schedule Information (Obsolete Report 14) List Deprecated
ProjectScheduleTasksChart.xml (Obsolete) Project Schedule Tasks Chart (Obsolete Report 15) List Deprecated
ProjectScheduleTasksResourceUsage.xml (Obsolete) Project Schedule Tasks Resource Usage (Obsolete Report 16) List Deprecated
ProjectSummary.xml (Obsolete) Project Summary (Obsolete Report 17) All Project Summaries
ProjectSummaryGantt.xml (Obsolete) Project Summary (Gantt) (Obsolete Report 18) All Project Summaries
Templates\Project Schedule - Phases.xml (Obsolete) Template Project Schedule - Phases (Obsolete Report 19) List Deprecated
Templates\Project Schedule - Phase and External Deliverables.xml (Obsolete) Template Project Schedule - Phase & External Deliverables (Obsolete Report 20) List Deprecated
Templates\Project - Gantt.xml (Obsolete) Template Project - Project Gantt (Obsolete Report 21) All Work
Templates\Projects - In Trouble.xml (Obsolete) Template Projects - Projects In Trouble (Obsolete Report 22) C.f. Project Office - Projects in Trouble report
Templates\Projects - Like.xml (Obsolete) Template Projects - Projects Like... (Obsolete Report 23) All Project Summaries with filtering
Templates\Projects - Not Modified Recently.xml (Obsolete) Template Projects - Projects Not Modified Recently (Obsolete Report 24) C.f. Project Office - Projects by Exception report
Templates\My Work - Gantt.xml (Obsolete) Template Work - My Work (Gantt) (Obsolete Report 25) My Work
Template Requests - All.xml (Obsolete) Template Requests - All (Obsolete Report 26) List Deprecated
AllIssues.xml (Obsolete) All Issues (Obsolete Report 27) All Issues (Note: Replaced in 15.3)

Obsolete Reports

Template Requests - All

This report displays items from the Project Requests list.

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