Gantt Chart web part

The Gantt Chart web part provides a modern Gantt chart experience. It is intended to eventually replace existing Gantt charts.

The Gantt Chart web part topic explains in more detail the options available.

BrightWork Reporter Gantt Chart and List Gantt View

The BrightWork Reporter Gantt report user interface and List Gantt View web part contains a number of elements that make for a better experience when using the report.

Click here for information about configuring the Gantt report.

Click here for information about configuring the List Gantt View web part.


Zooming allows you to increase and decrease the time line. Click the zoom button to increase the time line (i.e. show more) and the zoom button to decrease it (i.e. show less but with greater detail).


The Gantt Report may extend beyond the available space in the time window. Panning allows you to navigate up and down the time window without losing the context of the list item window. Click on the left panning button to go back in time and click on the right panning button to go forward in time.


Paging is an optional way of limiting the number of items that the report has to render (so as to improve the performance of the report). If paging is enabled, you will see the page numbers at the bottom of the list item window. The number of pages is defined by the number of items returned and the number of rows set per page on the report configuration page.

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