BrightWork is work and project management add-on for Microsoft SharePoint. Once installed on a SharePoint server, BrightWork facilitates the creation of a BrightWork site collection. A BrightWork site collection is a project execution environment that allows you to maximize SharePoint's collaboration functionality.

A typical BrightWork site consists of three areas:

  • Projects - this is where projects are managed (a BrightWork site can have a number of Project Areas)
  • Portfolios - this is where project reporting portfolios are created and managed
  • Templates - this is where the templates used to create project sites are created and managed

BrightWork Version Naming

BrightWork uses Microsoft Office based naming for each version of the product. The Microsoft version for SharePoint 2013 is 15, so BrightWork names its releases as 15.0, 15.1, etc.

Supported Languages

BrightWork only ships in an English language version. If you wish to enquire about extra language support, please contact support.

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