The BrightWork Report Information Window displays information about the currently viewed report, such as the Report Mode, Data Source and any Report Filters applied.

To access the Report Information Window click the Report Information icon.

The information displayed by the Report Information Window includes:

Report Mode

Whether the report is shared or personal.

Data Source

If the report data source is a definition file, the following information will be shown:

  • Location
    Where the definition file is stored, e.g. BrightWork Server Gallery, BrightWork Reporter Library or a Custom Location.
  • Title
  • Name
    The filename and relative location of the definition file, e.g. Templates\Work - Open.xml
  • Description
  • Scope

Or, if the report is using the Work Cache, Project Status Report Cache or the Project Cache, the following information will be shown:

  • Last updated
    When the Work Cache was last updated by the update timer job.
  • Filter
  • Scope

You can refresh any Cache by clicking Refresh Cache Information and selecting which cache you want to refresh in the Refresh BrightWork Caches page.


Which filters (if any) are applied.

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