Ranking project requests is an option in the Pending Decision state in the Project Request Manager process. You can use ranking to arrange your project requests by order of priority. If your processes do not include ranking, you can skip straight to the Approve or Reject state.

The ranking page is versatile and customizable. You should consider adding custom columns to the project requests so you can gather more information that you can display on the ranking page. This will help you make clearer decisions about which requests to prioritize.

The default columns in the ranking page are Rank, Reference and Title, but you can add more from the Configure Process page.

To rank a request:

  1. Click the Rank Requests tile on the site home page, or click the Project Requests link on the Quick Launch and click Items | Rank Requests.
  2. Drag and drop the requests into the order you want, or use the New Rank drop-down.
  3. When you have finished ranking your requests, click OK.

You can use the ribbon actions in the project request item view to Send back to Requestor, Send back to Reviewer, Approve or Reject.

What's Next?

The next status in the Project Request process is to approve or reject a project request.

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