The Project Request Manager template has been built to provide a simple process to follow project requests from Draft to Creation. The template provides a structure where you can create project requests, send them for review and then recommend them for approval and eventual creation. Before the designated Approver signs off and sends the project for creation, or rejects a project request, they have the option to rank the project requests in order of preference. If there are many project requests, ranking before deciding is a good way to prioritise which project requests require the most attention.

The BrightWork Project Request Manager site is split into four different states: Draft, Review, Pending Decision and finally Approved or Rejected.

Project requests are created as Drafts, which are then sent for Review. From there, they are recommended and moved to the Pending Decision state where they can be Ranked before becoming Approved or Rejected. Approved projects can then be created using information gathered from the request, or can be flagged as created elsewhere.

You can configure many different parts of the project request process using the Process Configuration page.

Resource Allocation is available as a 'hidden' option in project request manager templates. To learn more see the configure resource allocation topic.

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