The Project Request Manager template comes with its own Documents library. You can use this document library to upload relevant supporting files for your project requests.

Upload a Document to a Project Request's Document Library

  1. Click Documents on the left hand Quick Launch, then click new document.
  2. Click Choose File and browse for your file, then click OK.
  3. Give the document a title and choose the appropriate project request from the drop-down.
  4. Click Save.

Associate a Document with a Project Request

An uploaded document can now be associated with your request in the document library. To do this, you can use the Related Items column which allows you to link files to a form.

  1. Click the next to the document in the library and copy (Ctrl+C) the URL in the callout.
  2. Click Project Requests on the left hand Quick Launch and click the title of your project request.
  3. Click ADD RELATED ITEM and paste (Ctrl+V) the document URL and then click Add.

You will now be able to quickly open the related document by clicking the link in the project request.

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