SharePoint retains the column name used at the time the column was created, even if the column is renamed. The internal column name is the one that BrightWork Reporter needs. There are a few ways to identify the real column name.

The easiest way to identify columns names in lists in a BrightWork site collection is as follows:

  1. Click List | List Settings.
  2. Click Column Visibility Settings (BrightWork).
    The internal name will be displayed.

See below for other methods that may be relevant.

Project Metrics List Columns

See Project Metrics Columns for all the Project Metrics List column names.

Hidden Columns

Certain columns in some lists are not displayed on the List settings page. These columns and their real SharePoint names are detailed below.

Column Display Name

Real SharePoint Column Name

Outline Level


Outline Number


Status Code


Priority Code


Status Indicator Code


From Business Data Catalog Columns

Business Data Catalog is a shared service that stores information about the data in business applications that exist outside Microsoft Office SharePoint Server. You can use the service to display business data on a SharePoint site and thus display the data in BrightWork Reporter.

To find out the underlying SharePoint name of a Business Data Catalog column:

  1. Open a view where the column is displayed.
  2. Right-click and select View Source.
  3. Search for the Displayname of the Business Data Catalog column whose real SharePoint name you want to find out.
    The real name will be displayed before the DisplayName.

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