The penultimate stage in the Project Request Manager process is to approve or reject the project requests. At this stage you can send these project requests back to a previous status like Review or Draft if you need more clarification or a re-assessment.

Project requests are now in the Pending Decision stage of the process. At this point, project requests can be ranked using the Items | Rank Requests button in the ribbon.

  1. Click the Approve Requests tile on the site home page, or click the Project Requests link on the Quick Launch.
  2. Click the title of the project you want to Approve or Reject and click Approve or Reject in the ribbon actions.
  3. Enter a comment and choose how you want to send email notifications, then click Approve or Reject.

You can also use the ribbon actions to Send back to Requester or Send back to Reviewer.

What's Next?

The next status in the Project Request process is to create a project from the project request.

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