What's new in BrightWork 15.16?

The BrightWork 15.16 release has the following main updates:

Gantt Chart Web Part - Hierarchical Tasks

The Gantt Chart web part has been updated to allow tasks be displayed in a hierarchy, among other improvements.

Portfolio Project Cache Reporting

Portfolio reporting sites can now report on the Project Cache, improving performance.

Template Design Sync

Template Design Sync now supports the option to include column mapping in Project Status Report lists. Also, Template Design Sync now follows the same rules as Rename Project Home Link if the Quick Launch is synced.

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How can I upgrade BrightWork?

If you want to upgrade the latest version of BrightWork, visit the Product Download area of the BrightWork Success website.

Choose the version of SharePoint you are on and select Browse Download.

If you are logged into the website and have product download access you will be brought to the relevant product download site for that version of SharePoint.

If you are not logged in you will be brought to a request form where you can either log in or request product download membership. Product Downloads are for customers who have an active support and upgrade plan.

Use the instructions on the Upgrade BrightWork page to start upgrading to the latest BrightWork version.

If you are installing for the first time, then use the instructions on the Install BrightWork page.

How can I activate the new 15.16 features

Most updates are available automatically with this release.

To quickly add default Project Cache reporting to an existing Portfolio reporting site:

  1. Click Settings | Site settings.
  2. Under BrightWork Settings, click BrightWork Provision Project Cache Pages.
  3. Click OK.

This will create the BrightWork Pages with BrightWork Reporter web parts configured for the Project Cache. It also updates the Report - Tabs list with the items to point at the new pages.

To change the Portfolio reporting site's tabbed navigation see these steps. More detail can be found in the Switch to Project Cache Reports topic.

  1. Click Page | Edit Page.
  2. Click Edit Web Part on the tabs web part menu.

  3. Select the Project Cache page group and click OK.
  4. Click Stop Editing.

How can I purchase additional licenses?

If you are interested in purchasing additional Named User Licenses, please contact Customer Success. Our Business Operations team will be happy to provide you with upgrade options, pricing and/or formal proposals.

How can I find my BrightWork version number?

  1. On your BrightWork home page, click the settings icon in the top right, then click Site settings.
  2. At the bottom of the page, click BrightWork Settings.
  3. You will now see the Version number.

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How can I find my license key?

Contact Support with the FARM GUID to receive a copy of the license key.

How can I renew my BrightWork support and upgrade plan?

Support and upgrade plans are renewed on an annual basis. You will be contacted approximately 45 days prior to the expiration of your plan with the details required to start the renewal paperwork process. If your main contact has changed or you would like to start the process earlier, please contact Customer Success.

How can I find my farm ID?

If BrightWork is not installed, this BrightWork Support blog post can help you.

If you have BrightWork already installed, in SharePoint Central Administration, click General Application Settings and then click Manage BrightWork License.

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