A Project Calendar is an enhanced SharePoint calendar list that allows BrightWork Reporter Resource Usage Reports and task scheduling to take note of exception days when making calculations.

An exception day is a day that falls outside of the working week definition (defined in each site's Regional Settings page - Monday to Friday is the default working week).

There are two types of exception days:

  • (1) Working Time
  • (2) Non-Working Time

Example exception days include a working day that is a holiday (e.g. public holidays) or a non-working day that is actually working day (e.g. a weekend day).

By default, the Project Calendar that exists at the top of the BrightWork site collection is used by Resource Reports; however this calendar must first be activated on the site collection BrightWork Settings page.

A project site can also use the local Project Calendar. This setting is configured on the local site BrightWork Settings page.

If a project calendar does not exist in the site one can be added and enabled.

Enable a Project Calendar

Enabling a Calendar list as a Project Calendar adds a column called Working Time Type to the calendar list.

This column has 2 options:

  • (1) Working Time

  • (2) Non-Working Time

To enable a Calendar list as a Project Calendar:

  1. Click Calendar | List Settings.

  2. Click Enable as Project Calendar.

  3. Click OK.

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