BrightWork Reporter, is a highly configurable web part that lets you query multiple sites, sub-sites and lists and display the results in a single report. BrightWork Reporter includes multiple configuration options that let you create personal reports, filter and sort the report data, and create cross-list and cross-site report filters.

The web part shows data in a number of different formats, including:

  • Chart Reports
    These reports render list data in charts (e.g. bar, line, pie)
  • Gantt report
    These reports render list data in a Gantt chart
  • List Item Reports
    These reports renders list data in manner similar to standard SharePoint views
  • Resource Usage Reports
    These reports allow you to report on the amount of work required and/or assigned, spread evenly across the period of time allowed for the work to be completed

You can distribute and use report data in a variety of ways, including:

The main advantage of BrightWork Reporter is that it allows you to display information from multiple sites and lists in the one location. BrightWork Reporter normally does this in the context of a site hierarchy (i.e. current site and all subsites); however, BrightWork also includes a feature called Portfolio Reporting where you can select multiple projects to report on.

The Report Information Icon

As reports can be quite complex, in the header of each reporter web part is the report information icon . When you click the icon, a popup shows you the details of the current report.

Details include: the report mode, the data source, the location of the report, the title, name, description, scope and what filters are active. If the report uses the Work Cache, it will show when the cache was last updated by the update timer job.

This popup window works the same way as the Report Information icon in the ribbon.

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