This topic describes the site and Project Statement filtering options available with BrightWork Reporter.

Exclude Site from Reports

There are two ways to exclude a site from all reports:

  • Select the Exclude from Reports option in the Project Statement (this sets Archived = Yes)

  • Select (3) Completed from the Project Status column in the Project Statement (this sets Completed Flag = Yes)

Excluding projects from Project Cache reports

It is recommended to use views when you select Project Cache as a data source.

If views are not suitable then these four filtering options can be used.

  1. Archived
  2. From the 'Exclude from Reports' in the Project Statement.

  3. Completed Flag
  4. From the 'Completed Flag' in the Project Statement.

  5. Include in Project Reports
  6. This gets set to 'No' if there is a Projects Tracker list in the site, for example in a Project Office. Also if the 'Include Project Summary' is set to 'No', for example in a Work Tracker site.

  7. Include Project Summary
  8. If the Project Statement is excluded in the Project Settings this gets set to 'No'. This filter does not need to be used if you are already using the 'Include in Project Reports'.

For example here are the Filter Settings for open projects only:

For criteria excluded from the Work Cache see the following topic.

Exclude Project Statement from Reports

Occasionally, you might need to over-ride the default settings as they relate to how Project Statements appear and don't appear in certain reports, for example, you might want to exclude the Project Statement from a site created to manage every day work items.

To exclude a Project Statement from reports:

  1. Click Settings | Site Settings.
  2. Click Project Settings.

  3. Deselect Include Project Statement type lists in Reports and click OK.

Project Statements in sites that include a Projects Tracker list (e.g. Projects Office sites) are automatically excluded from reports that use the All Project Summaries report definition.

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