The Work Cache by default includes only open work items. It is also possible to configure which specific list items are added to the Work Cache.

This can be achieved by adding a calculated Yes/No column to the list. The recommended steps, with some examples, are described below.

Configuring which list items are added to the Work Cache

Each of these steps assumes you are in a List Settings page.

Step 1: Create 'bwAddItemToWorkCache' Column

  • Select Create column in the list

  • Set the Column name to bwAddItemToWorkCache

  • Set the type of column to Calculated (calculation based on other columns)

  • Add a Formula. See below for examples

  • Set the data type returned from this formula to Yes/No

  • Whether to include the column in a view is up to you. It can be useful initially to test the formula entered.

  • Click OK to save the column

Step 2: Rename 'bwAddItemToWorkCache' Column

The 'bwAddItemToWorkCache' column is not a readily understandable title for the column, so you can rename it to aid understanding:

  • In the list of columns, click on 'bwAddItemToWorkCache'

  • Change the Column name to something more intuitive for example Include in Work Cache (Hidden)

  • Click OK

Step 3: Hide 'bwAddItemToWorkCache' Column

The 'bwAddItemToWorkCache' column is a complex concept and not something you want everyone to see. To hide the column from forms:

  • Select Column Visibility Settings (BrightWork)

  • Make sure each checkbox for 'bwAddItemToWorkCache' is not set. This hides the column in the interface as much as possible

  • Click OK

  • You should also consider at this point whether you want the value appearing in any views or not.

Step 4: Refresh the Work Cache

Once the 'bwAddItemToWorkCache' column is in place it will determine which items are included or excluded from the Work Cache.

If items from the list are already in the Work Cache then you will want to refresh the Work Cache to reflect your changes. To do this you should run a Work Cache Refresh for the project.

Example Formula

Here are some examples to help illustrate how this can work. Values that return 'Yes' are included in the Work Cache. Values that return 'No' are excluded from the Work Cache.

  • Formula that will include everything in the list in the Work Cache:


  • Formula that will exclude everything in the list from the Work Cache:


  • Include items with a Due Date in the next 7 days:

    =[Due Date]<=TODAY()+7

  • Include open Priority 1 Issues:

    =AND([Completed Flag]=FALSE,[Priority Code]="1")

  • Include open Priority 1 Tasks:


  • Include all Risks that don't start with a bracket:


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