You can add the various values generated by a Project Metric to a Project Statement report and display them on the same line as a project in a report. The columns will then become available for selection on the Reporter Settings page of the Project Statement report. This is known as Project Metric Join.

The values you can add include:

  • Metric Value
  • Target Value
  • Indicator Icon
  • Indicator Status
  • Formatted Metric Value
  • Formatted Target Value
  • Formatted Warning Value
  • Formatted Danger Value

To add a Project Metric Join:

  1. Navigate to the BrightWork Reporter Library, select the report and click Files | Report Editor.
  2. Click Add a new project metric join at bottom of the Report Editor page.
  3. Select the Context Settings.

    Selecting the Context Settings makes the Metric IDs in the selected Metrics list available for selection.

    1. Select Change Selected Site from the Selected Site menu.
    2. Click the site that has the Metrics list you want to use.
    3. Select Change Selected List from the Selected List menu.
    4. Click the Metrics list that you want to use.
  4. Define the report column mapping for the values you want to make available in the report. You can map to an existing column in the Project Statement report or create a new report column to map to.
  5. Click Create.

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