You may want to completely reset the Project Cache if you have problems with customizations made to it.

When you deactivate the Project Cache all items are removed from the list and the Project Cache Queue list is removed, but the Project Cache list itself is not deleted nor the mapping files.

To reset the Project Cache follow these steps:

  1. Deactivate the Project Cache feature.
  2. Delete the Project Cache manually, from the list's settings.
  3. Restore the global mapping file to its default state as follows:

    1. Open the top level site of your site collection in SharePoint Designer 2013. For example, the URL should be something like: https://myserver/sites/mysitecollection
    2. Click All Files | _catalogs | bwConfigStore | ProjectCacheGlobalSettings.xml
    3. Click on Reset to Site Definition from the Pages Ribbon.
    4. Select Yes when prompted.

  4. Activate the Project Cache feature.
  5. Ideally, Reset to Site Definition any individual sites that have custom XML mappings created also.

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