The Project Deliverables (BrightWork) document library is for storing project documents and deliverables. The Project Deliverables list is for recording information about project documents and deliverables added to the library and includes Assignee notification and per item reference numbering.

The Project Deliverables library includes the Lookup View web part, which displays all the list items (of a single list type) that contain a lookup to the list item the web part is installed on. The items are displayed in a view-like footer at the bottom of a list item. This web part is installed by default on the Phases, Milestones and Deliverables lists (there is an instance of the web part for each list that looks up, for example the Phases lists has 3 instances, one each for the Milestones, Deliverables and Tasks lists).

Due to a SharePoint bug, content types are currently disabled on the Project Deliverables Library.

Project Deliverable Alert Options

The Project Deliverables list options are:

  • Anything changes

  • I am made owner of a Deliverable

  • A Deliverable is assigned to me

  • A Deliverable becomes complete

  • A high priority Deliverable changes

  • Someone else changes a Deliverable owned by me

  • Someone else changes a Deliverable assigned to me

  • Someone else changes a Deliverable

  • Someone else changes a Deliverable created by me

  • Someone else changes a Deliverable last modified by me

  • Someone changes an item that appears in the following view

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