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Add Column to Work Cache
Update Column Mapping
Add Column to Cache Report

When configuring work lists with additional columns you may want to include these columns in Work Cache reports. This topic explains the steps on how to do this.

Add Column to Work Lists

Before you begin it is assumed you have added columns to your work lists. The list supported are: Tasks, Project Goals, Project Risks, Project Issues, Project Change Requests, as well as Project Requests.

Add Column to Work Cache List

First, you need to add a column to the Work Cache list. This list is hidden to prevent accidental editing. The only time you typically need to access it is when you need to add columns or to add a view.

  1. Navigate to the site collection home page, paste bwWorkItemCache after the site name and click Enter on your keyboard to open the hidden Work Cache list. For example the URL should be something like:


  2. Add a column to the Work Cache using the appropriate column type.
  3. Map the column from the list to the Work Cache.
  4. Update your reports using the Work Cache to show the column.

Use the same column type in the Work Cache as the source list. For example; if the column is a Date and Time column in the list, create a Date and Time column in the Work Cache.

If you are adding a choice column to the Work Cache list, we recommend the default value is left blank.

The Work Cache list supports the addition of calculated columns. You do not need to add these columns to the WorkItemCacheGlobalSettings.xml file.

We do not recommend adding Site Columns to the Work Cache list.

The name you use to add the column to the Work Cache list doesn't really matter as you will be mapping it in the next step; however, we recommend the same or a similar name to make the mapping maintenance process easier.

Update Column Mapping

Next, you must update the global WorkItemCacheGlobalSettings.xml mapping file. This file maps columns from the supported lists to Work Cache columns.

  1. Open the top level site of your site collection in SharePoint Designer 2013. For example, the URL should be something like: https://myserver/sites/mysitecollection
  2. Click All Files | _catalogs | bwConfigStore | WorkItemCacheGlobalSettings.xml.
  3. Click Edit File to open the file for editing.
  4. Add an XML tag to the appropriate list template, for example:

    <Field target="YourWorkCacheColumn" source="YourListColumn" />.

The WorkItemCacheGlobalSettings.xml is for specifying global mappings in a BrightWork site collection. Every site also has its own WorkCacheSettings.xml file.

If the column you want to map has a different internal name in a certain site (for example, one project template uses a column called Organization and the rest use a column called Department), update the local WorkCacheSettings.xml with the appropriate mapping information and it will override the global setting specified in the top level WorkItemCacheGlobalSettings.xml file.

Changes to the WorkCacheSettings.xml file are automatically included in Design Sync. This means that changes to this file should be made in the Template and synced, if Design Sync is being used.

Add Column to Cache Report

Finally, add the column to the Shared or Personal report that uses the cache.

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