A project site is a type of BrightWork site that exists in a Site Collection. The aim of a project site is to provide a virtual project collaboration space. Project sites are created from templates or existing project sites. Before deciding what template or project site to use you should consider your project's scope and requirements.

You can use the Project Request list to request the creation of a project. You should do this even if you are creating the project yourself as it allows you to track your initial reasons for creating the project, identify objectives, and manage costs and resources.

When the project site is live you should make full use of the Project Statement list to inform stakeholders about how the project is progressing.

Once created, a project site can be customized to suit your needs and requirements. A successful project site can be saved as a template for re-use of best practices and lessons learned.

Related project workspaces can be added to portfolios for reporting purposes.

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