BrightWork includes a number of templates. Some of these templates are available out-of-the box and some are available as free downloads.

For the purposes of deploying your project office, you only need to understand the templates designed for managing work items and for managing single projects. You can of course review the multiple project and project request management templates.

Each one of these templates offers a certain amount of project management. The diagram below depicts the varied levels of work and project management found in typical organizations today, from Unstructured to Fully Structured. The diagram also depicts the corresponding BrightWork work and project management templates and places them on the project management line. The more structured a template is, the more project management elements (e.g. lists and reports) it has.

It is better to pick a template that is more complicated than one that is less complicated, as hiding process elements is easier than adding them.

Once you have selected the templates you want you can proceed to the Templates Area and create them - ensure to select the non-download templates from the site definition menu.

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