The Project Team-Roles list includes the option to easily make a selected Team-Role Holder the Owner (and Assignee, if required) of documents added to the BrightWork Project Deliverables library and work items associated with those roles, via the Owner lookup column.

A work item is defined as a item from one of the below lists where the completed flag has not been triggered.

  • Project Issues
  • Project Change Requests
  • Project Goals
  • Project Milestones
  • Project Phases
  • Project Risks
  • Project Tasks
  • Project Tasks (BrightWork)

If you wish to use this functionality on a list, the target lists must:

  • Have a user lookup column with an internal name of Owner
  • Have a lookup column, with an internal name of OwnerRole, that looks up to the Title column in the Project Team Roles (BrightWork) list
  • Be one of the above list types.

To propagate owner values:

  1. Click Propagate Owner Values on the ribbon.
  2. Select the Team-Role value that you wish to use to propagate the Owner value.
  3. Select the Team-Role Holder who you wish to propagate as the Owner value. The list of available names is pulled from the Team-Role Holders specified in the selected Team-Role list item.
  4. Select Yes to overwrite all existing Owner values or No to only update blank Owner values.
  5. Select Yes to update blank Assignee values or No to not make any updates to Assignee values.
  6. Select Yes to commit the changes or No to be able to a preview of the proposed updates.
  7. Click OK to apply the changes or see the preview.

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