BrightWork Reporter includes the ability to specify the lists to be queried by adding the name of the lists you want to be queried to a specific list (called the List of Lists). This is done using a feature called a ListCollection provider.

To edit the list inclusion settings:

  1. Navigate to the BrightWork Reporter Library, select the report and click Files | Report Editor.
  2. Click Edit the list inclusion settings.
  3. Select:
    • Include all lists
      To include all the lists defined in the List Query Templates section - this removes the List of Lists feature from this report.
    • Only include lists specified in the list below
      To enable the list query provider, i.e. to include only the lists defined in the List Query Templates section that are named in the nominated List of Lists.
      Enter the name of the nominated List of Lists and decided whether or not to process a site if the List of Lists does not exist in the site.
    • Select to specify custom inclusion settings below
      Select this if you have written your own custom code for a list query template
  4. Click Update.

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