The BrightWork Custom List is a very basic list to use as a starting point in creating your own lists and take full advantage of BrightWork list features such as email notification, unique referencing and the completed flag.

When adding a column to a BrightWork or SharePoint list, do not use spaces or symbols in the column name when creating the column. Once the column has been created, you can update the column name and add spaces as necessary. For example, if you were creating a column called Assigned To, call it AssignedTo, add it and then rename it Assigned To.

The reason for doing this is because the initial name given to a column is the one used by SharePoint, and the way SharePoint handles spaces (a space is rendered as _x0020_ ). Doing it this way makes creating and updating BrightWork Reporter files a lot easier.

Enable Email Notification Options

To enable Assignee email notification you must add a column called AssignedTo to the BrightWork Custom List.

The column name can be updated after being added, but the above column title must be used initially.

Custom List Alert Options

The custom list has the following options:

  • Anything changes
  • Someone else changes an item
  • Someone else changes an item created by me
  • Someone else changes an item last modified by me
  • Someone changes an item that appears in the following view:

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