The BrightWork Reporter Library allows you to create a copy of an existing report. The advantage of this is that it makes creating your own reports a simpler process, as most reports you will want to create will generally be a variation of an existing report. For more information on updating reports, please see the Report Editor.

To create a copy of a report:

  1. Click Home > Site Contents > BrightWork Reporter Library
  2. Click Files | New Document.
  3. Fill out the New Reporter Definition form.
    • Name
      This is the filename the report will have and is the title users will see when they use the tool pane. You should therefore give the filename a meaningful title.
    • Description
      This is the description the report will have
    • Reporter Definition Template:
      • Copy the blank Reporter Definition template.
        Select this option to create an empty report file (it is unlikely you will want to do this).
      • Copy an existing Reporter Definition from this library.
        Select this option to reuse a report already in the BrightWork Reporter Library.
      • Copy an existing Reporter Definition from the BrightWork Server Gallery.
        Select this option to reuse one of the supplied reports.
  4. Click Create.

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