Site Filters are a way of excluding certain sites from being included in the report.

To add a site filter:

  1. Navigate to the BrightWork Reporter Library, select the report and click Files | Report Editor.
  2. Click Add a new site filter on the Report Editor page.
  3. Select the site filter type that you want to add.
    • Exclude BrightWork Projects marked as Archived/Exclude from Reports
    • Exclude BrightWork Projects marked as Completed from Reports
    • Add Project Filter
      This option allows you to use CAML to filter projects based on criteria in the Project Statement list.
      If you select this option, enter the query CAML that you want to run against the Project Statement.
    • Add Custom Site Filter
      You can also create your own Site Filter but the steps regarding this are beyond the scope of this help.
  4. Enter a Display Name for the site filter.*
  5. Select Yes from the Enabled menu.*
  6. Click Create.

* These options do not apply to Archived and Completed filter types when adding them; however, you can update these settings on the Edit Site Filter page.

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