Report Filters enable a report user to dynamically filter the report using the Reporter UI (for example, the user filter on the My Work report).

This topic describes how to add a filter to the report user interface. You can also filter items via the filter editor on the Reporter ribbon.

For the filter to work as expected (i.e. present only the items that meet the filter criteria) you must also update the CAML in every list query template or site filter in the report so that it references the filter name.

To add a report filter:

  1. Navigate to the BrightWork Reporter Library, select a report and click Files | Report Editor.
  2. Click Add a new report filter on the Report Editor page.
  3. Enter the Filter Name. This name must identical to the name attribute referenced in the Query CAML.
  4. Enter the caption for the filter that will appear on the report.
  5. Select the Filter Type.
  6. Specify an optional default value. With Choice filters, if you specify a default value that does not exist in the list of values, this value will be displayed in the menu when the report loads. This allows you to insert text like "Select Value" in the menu.

  7. Click Create.

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