Resource Usage Reports use a combination of the working week defined in the site regional settings; information entered into the Project Calendar (if active); and Working hours per day specified on the BrightWork Settings page to assist in the performance of their calculations.

  • Project Calendar
    The project calendar is used to define exception days. The BrightWork Settings Page allows you to select which Project Calendar to use (e.g. site level or root level). Resource Usage Reports always use the Project Calendar specified on the BrightWork Settings page.

    There are two types of exception days:

    • (1) Working Time

    • (2) Non-Working Time

    Example exception days include a working day that is a holiday (e.g. public holidays) or a non-working day that is actually working day (e.g. a weekend day).

  • Working hours per day
    Generally, the working hours per day is specified on the BrightWork Settings page; however, the Project Schedule and Resource Usage Reports allow you to specify a custom working hours per day variable.
  • Working Week
    The working week is defined in the site's regional settings.

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