What's new in BrightWork 15.4?

The BrightWork 15.4 release has five key feature areas:

Task Scheduling

The new Task Scheduling feature allows you to apply simple scheduling to your task lists. You can use the scheduler to move and calculate the dates on multiple tasks and promote data from the tasks to summary tasks and metrics.

The scheduler is lightweight and easy to use, and is not a direct substitute for Microsoft Project. If you need complex scheduling, using Microsoft Project alongside our Project Structured template is a fantastic way to take your schedule management to the next level.

Metric Tiles Web Part

The new Metric Tiles web part puts metrics right where you want them. Add the web part to your project to easily show key metrics and increase visibility to your team.

Scorecard Themes

Themes have been added to the scorecard web part. You can now pick from pre-defined themes, or simply tailor your scorecards exactly how you want.

Create Project Revamp

The Create Project process is now even easier to use. Projects are now created using an elegant and simple step-by-step interface. This interface can then be configured and streamlined, giving you more control over your project creation process.

Improved Charting

Charts have had some great updates! The Metric History Chart, List View Chart and BrightWork Reporter Charting have several new and exciting features and look better than ever.

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How can I upgrade BrightWork?

If you want to upgrade the latest version of BrightWork, log in with your customer details at the BrightWork Support website.

Once you've logged in, click the My Resources > Downloads > BrightWork Product Download link in the top right corner.

Choose which version of SharePoint you are on, then check the box indicating that you are happy to continue to the download area. Now just click the Download Area button to go to the appropriate download page for your SharePoint version.

Click the link to download a zip file of the latest version.

Use the instructions on the Upgrade BrightWork page to start upgrading to the latest BrightWork version.

How can I activate the new 15.4 features

  • To use the new Task Scheduler, simply edit the List Settings on your project's task list and enable the scheduler.
  • To add the Metric Tiles Web Part, simply click Page | Edit Page and click Add a Web Part. Then just select the Metric Tiles (BrightWork) from the BrightWork category and click Add.
  • To edit your scorecard themes, simply click in the title of the scorecard and click Configure Metric Scorecard Settings in the ribbon. Then use the Scorecard Appearance section to make any changes to the look.

How can I purchase additional licenses?

If you are interested in purchasing additional Named User Licenses, please contact success@brightwork.com. Our Customer Success team will be happy to provide you with upgrade options, pricing and/or formal proposals.

How can I find my BrightWork version number?

  1. On your BrightWork home page, click the settings icon in the top right, then click Site settings.
  2. At the bottom of the page, click BrightWork Settings.
  3. You will now see the Version number.

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How can I find my licence key?

Email support@brightwork.com with the FARM GUID to receive a copy of the license key.

How can I renew my BrightWork support and upgrade plan?

Support and upgrade plans are renewed on an annual basis. You will be contacted approximately 45 days prior to the expiration of your plan with the details required to start the renewal paperwork process. If your main contact has changed or you would like to start the process earlier, please contact renewals@brightwork.com.

How can I find my farm ID?

If BrightWork is not installed, this BrightWork Support blog post can help you.

If you have BrightWork already installed, in SharePoint Central Administration, click General Application Settings and then click BrightWork License Settings.

Is BrightWork compatible with SharePoint 2013 SP1?

BrightWork is an addon for SharePoint and there are no known issues with SP1. We recommend updating to the April CU.

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